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Daily chemical industry

In recent years, with the increase in daily chemical market demand and the increasing technological content, the daily chemical packaging industry has developed rapidly. The enhancement of consumer safety awareness, health awareness, and environmental protection awareness has caused manufacturers to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping of product packaging and to realize the efficient automation of the process. This is our advantage.

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Coding requirements

There are many types of product packaging in the daily chemical industry, and the materials are different. According to the purpose, it can be divided into toiletries, cosmetics, kitchen and bathroom products, household products, etc., and barcodes, QR codes, production dates, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc. can be placed on their materials and other information.

Solve the coding scheme

To meet the flexibility requirements of manufacturers, realizing the "one item, one code" marketing model, so that every item has an "identity card", achieving that the fake goods have nowhere to go.

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Cosmetic container