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Electronics industry

There are many products in the electronics industry that require identification and coding,are mainly printed with part number, production time, icon, QR code, storage date, etc. The common electronic products that required prints include electronic components (transformers, capacitors, resistors, integrated modules, etc.), circuit boards, light bulbs, etc. All of which can be simply printed the content of identification, no matter whether it’s a small capacitor resistance or a small component. The ink dries immediately after spraying and not easy to dissolve, make the printed content clear.

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Coding requirements

Electronic components, include transformers, capacitors, resistors, integrated modules, and small parts. The printing objects are too small and the ink quality are highly required to ensure the durability of the printing content.

Solve the coding scheme

We provide high resolution inkjet printer, the character height of a print head is 1-12.7mm, and the printing resolution is up to 600dpi. Numbers, icons, Chinese characters, QR codes, barcode graphics serial numbers, etc, can be printed on tiny capacitors, resistors or other small parts such as switches, clearly and firmly.