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Tobacco industry

Inkjet printer technology is popular and favored in companies in tobacco industry,it can not only provide identification function, but also product anti- counterfeiting and traceability function. The tobacco industry earns high profit and it is also a source of taxation for the country, therefore, the quality of identification that are printed on tobacco are required strictly. Each cigarette has its own ID code,which can be identified and tracked directly,preventing fake cigarette appear in the market. To increase the anti-counterfeiting efforts, some of them are also equipped with invisible ink, making each cigarette be quickly traced on the whole process from production to logistics. Coding technology allows you to buy cigarettes with the peace of mind.

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Coding requirements

It is suitable for printing in various production environments, printing English, icons, QR codes, numbers and other information with high-efficiency, high-speed and stability.

Solve the coding scheme

It can print on a variety of different materials clearly with high-speed, meeting the requirements of various production applications.

Cigarette case