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Special function
1. Lightweight and portable, can print flexibly.
2. 5inch full-color touch screen is adopted, simple interface, easy to learn and use.
3. The printing distance can be adjusted according to site requirement, it is equipped with 1.5mm、2.5mm、5mm rollers.
4. Can multi-line printing with high speed.

Coding solution
Suitable for printing on large objects that are not easy to move, it is a walking printing movement system.
Provides high-quality coding, can be used easily and operates efficiently.
Can print text, barcode, QR code, production date, identification, logo, digital number, etc.

Applicable material
Stones, outer boxes, wood, pipes, ceramics, glass, bottle caps and irregularly curved materials, etc.
It is widely used in the food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, wire and cable industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and tobacco industry.

Product Advantages
Lightweight and portable, human-body bionic design, can be hold comfortably.
The system runs fast and stable.
Providing diversified customized functions according to customer needs.
Carton printing
Carton printing
Product Parameters
  • Specification
    143.5*123* 236mm (H*W*D) / 5.65*4.84*9.3 inch
  • Language
    Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
  • Resolution
    300DPI (standard)
  • Counters
    Series No, Carton No, Lot No, etc
  • Printable heights (mm)
  • Throw distance
    Throw distance adjustable 1.5mm/2.5mm/5mm sliding wheels available
  • Barcode
  • Date format
    Production date, expiry date with several formats for option
  • User management
    3 level operating authorization (operator, technician, administrator)
  • Battery
    2pcs standard rechargeable batteries with large capacity
    Each battery is comprised of three 2200mAh battery module
    Voltage: 11.1V—12.6V
    Life: >300 cycles
    Standby time: > 8 hours
    Continuous working time: >4 hours
  • Screen
    5inch 800*480 resolution color LCD touch screen
    brand new interface, easy to operate
  • Port
    USB2.0: Support U-Disk
  • Ink management
    Identify ink type automatically and use the best printing parameters
    Original HP ink cartridge guaranteed
    Automatic measuring system for ink consumption
  • Certificate