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Special function
1. Provide standard of RS-232 and Ethernet interface, to facilitate client's integration.
2. High protection performance, can adapt to various working environments.
3. The synchronizer can be configured to automatically control the printing speed.
4. Can identify the type of ink cartridge, and import the default parameters automatically, reducing the complexity, and abandoning the cumbersome parameter settings.
5. Diversified customized services to fully meet the individual needs of customers.
6. Reserve secondary development port, clear text, support system integration and secondary development.

Coding solution
Support system integration, and a variety of communication protocols and SDK software required by the application.
Support dynamic data and database coding.
Can be connected to external encoder and external sensor, which is easy for produce with high-efficiency and high-speed.
Can print text, barcode, two-dimensional code, logo, production date, logo, digital number, etc.

Applicable material
Food bags, packaging boxes, beverage bottles, medicine boxes, labels, cans and other materials.
It is widely used in the food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, wire and cable industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and tobacco industry.

Product Advantages
Match with varied product lines Remote control,PC synchronous control of multiple printers.
Support multi-language input.
Providing diversified customized functions according to customer needs.
Spray down
Side spray
Product Parameters
  • Specification
    Controller: 162*92*31mm(H*W*D) / 6.4*3.6*1.3 inch
    Printhead: 144*95*60mm(H*W*D) / 5.7*3.7*2.4 inch
  • Language
    Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
  • Resolution
  • Counters
    Counter setting flexible, counter’s system customed
  • Printable heights (mm)
  • Printing speed
    0-60 m/min (300 DPI)   0-30 m/min(600 DPI)
  • Conveyor speed
    Can be set, auto-calculated or use external synchronizer
  • Barcode
  • Date format
    Two kinds date modes (production date, expire date), the date format can be customed
  • Screen
    5inch 800*480 resolution color LCD touch screen
  • Ink management
    Automatically recognize the ink types, and identify the optimum printing parameters;
    Guarantee of using genuine original HP ink;
    Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink;
  • Installation
    Standard side printing, down printing bracket and anti-shock bracket, users can install according to their needs
  • Power Supply
    AC 100V-240V/50-60HZ, 36W (Dedicated AC adaptor)
  • Certificate