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Special functions
1. Equipped with 8inch color LCD capacitive screen, so that more intuitive user interface can be experienced, and editing is easier.
2. One machine with two heads, the nozzles can be combined or separated freely, which can achieve up to height of 25.4mm of character printing.
3. The equipment runs stably, ensure the stability of printing.
4. The printing speed can reach 170m/min(300dpi), up to 50 variable QR code can be printed per second.
5. Identify the types of ink cartridge and imports default parameters automatically,turn complexity into simplicity, abandoning tedious parameter settings.  
6. Diversified customized services, can fully meet all individual needs of customers.
7. Reserved secondary development port, clear text, supporting system’s integration and secondary development.

Coding solutions
Support multiple communication protocols and SDK software required for system integration and application.
Support dynamic data, database coding.
Can be connected to an external synchronizer and an external photoelectric sensor, which is easy to produce efficiently and rapidly.
Can print text, barcode, QR code, production date, identification, logo, digital number, etc.

Applicable material
Food bags, packaging boxes, beverage bottles, medicine boxes, labels, cans and other materials.
Widely used in the food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, wire and cable industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, tobacco industry.

Product Advantages
8inch capacitive and color LCD capacitive screen, brand new touch screen interface.
The system runs fast and stable.
Customized service, providing diversified customized functions according to customer needs.
Side printing in combined mode
Under printing in combined mode
Side printing in separate mode
Product Parameters
  • Printing Technology
    HP TIJ2.5 Thermal Inkjet technology,resolution up to 600DPI
  • Operating System
    Base on Linux platform
  • Protocol
    Plain code protocol, easy for system integration and secondary development
  • Screen
    8 inch, 1280 *800 resolution capacitive screen
  • Specification
    Controller: 220*135*37mm (H*W*D) / 8.7*5.3*1.4 inch  
    Printhead: 133*97*28mm (H*W*D) / 5.2*3.8*1.1 inch
  • Language
    Chinese, English, Korean,Spanish, Japanese, French, German,Italian,Turkish
  • Keyboard
    Chinese, English, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese traditional, Czech, Greek, Ukrainian
  • Counter
    Normal counters with flexible setting of carry source
  • Print height
    Two printheads,can choose separated mode and combined mode, height  range is 1-25.4mm
  • Printing speed
    Can up to 170m/min (300DPI), QR dynamic barcode can up to 50 prints/sec
  • Barcode
    GS1RSS14Stacked、GS1RSS14StackedEX、GS1RSS14StackedOmni、 GS1DM
  • Date format
    The date format can be set flexibly
  • Port
    1.Ethernet port*1
    2.USB port*2, available to connect with USB disk and device communication
    3.DB15 port*2 (Encoder, external photocell, alarm,RS232)
    4.20pin aviation connector: Connect the controller and printhead*2
  • Ink management
    Identify ink type automatically and use the best printing parameters
    Original HP ink cartridge guaranteed
    Automatic measuring system for ink consumption
  • Installation
    Standard side printing, down printing bracket and anti-shock bracket users can install according to their needs; spring mechanism is optional
  • Device Environment
    Working environment:-10℃--55℃;10%-85%RH
    Storage environment::-25℃--80℃;10%-90%RH
  • Power Input
    100-240V~50/60Hz 1.2A 120VA
  • Power Output
    30V 3A,90W
  • Certification