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special function
1. Handheld printing,integrated portable body,response to various mobile scenarios flexibly.
2. 5inch big screen with HD,millisecond touch-sensitive response, the efficiency is Improved at your fingertips.
3. Characters’ height ranged from 1-12.7mm can be defined freely,single or multi-line content can be chosen as well.
4. Standard 300dpi scroll wheel,two kinds of wheels for option (suit for curved surface and concave-convex surface, etc.)
5. Identify the types of ink cartridge and imports default parameters automatically,turn complexity into simplicity, abandoning tedious parameter settings.
6. Connect WIFI remotely, completes information editing rapidly.
7. Diversified customized services, can fully meet all individual needs of customers.
8. Reserved secondary development port, clear text, supporting system’s integration and secondary development.

Coding solution
Suitable for printing on large objects that are not easy to move, it is a walking printing movement system.
Provides high-quality coding, can be used easily and operates efficiently.
Can print text, barcode, QR code, production date, identification, logo, digital number, etc.

Applicable materials
Stones, outer boxes, wood, pipes, ceramics, glass, bottle caps and irregularly curved materials, etc.
It is widely used in the food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, wire and cable industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and tobacco industry.

Product Advantages
Lightweight and portable, human-body bionic design, can be hold comfortably.
The system runs fast and stable.
Customized service, providing diversified customized functions according to customer needs.
Two wheel parts, four wheel parts can be arbitrarily replaced (two wheel parts can be printed arc surface)
Carton printing
Product Parameters
  • Specification
    218*79*152mm CH*W*D) / 8.6*3.1*6 inch
  • Language
    Chinese English Japanese French German Spanish Portuguese  and Russian
  • Multi-line printing
    Support multi-line printing
  • Printable heights(mm)
  • Interface
    Newly operation touch interface5inch128020 resolution  capacitive screen
  • Printing data
    Variable data like expiry date production  datelot number and operator informationimage/logo barcode etc
  • Built-in coder
    Built-in coder make printer more handy and light
  • Reprint
    Real-time monitoring  content of dynamic data printing and real-time reprint failed content
  • Barcode
  • Database
    Flexible data editsupport  several data sourcesinsert different data sources in the same object
  • User management
    Set up different operation limits as user's request
  • Throw distance
    300DPI standard with four wheels  CTwo wheels is optional)
  • Port
    USB2.0 port: Support U-Disk
  • Ink management
    Identify ink type automatically  and recommend  the best printing parameter
    Original authentic HP ink cartridge guaranteed
    Automatic measuring  system for ink consumption
  • Battery
    2pcs standard rechargeable batteries with large capacity
    Each battery is comprised  of three 2200mAh battery module
    >300 cycle number
    About 4H(Depends on testing)
  • Certificate