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Special Functions

1. Compact design, easy installation.

2. One-click easy operation

3. Andriod app control, offline support.

4. Automatic speed measurement.

5. Reliable anti-interference design

6. Adaptive ink temperature control, auto cleaning.

7. Alternating nozzle printing.

8. Quick ink replacement.

Printing Solutions

Supports off-line working, one-key printing and quick setting.

High standard anti-interference design, suitable for tough working environment.

Can connect with the external encoder and sensor, easy for high efficiency and high speed applications.

Can print text, bar code, QR code, label, date, logo, number etc.

Applicable Materials

Food packages, outer boxes, beverage bottles, medicine boxes, labels, jars etc.

Widely used in food&beverage, chemical, cables, pharmaceutical, electronics and tobaccos industries.

Product Advantages
Super Integrated
Easy to install
Supports off-line working
Super easy operation
High standard anti-interference
Suitable for complex and tough working environments
Down print
Side jet
Product Parameters
  • Technology
    HP TIJ 2.5 Thermal Inkjet Technology
  • Resolution
    Vertical: 600 dpi; Horizontal: 300 dpi
  • Communication Protocol
    Not available
  • Screen
    1.44 inches screen
  • Dimensions
    182*55*95mm (Printer)
  • Language
    Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Portuguese(Customization support)
  • Keyboard
  • Counter
    Ordinary counter, the carry bit source can be set flexibly
  • Printing Height
  • Printing Speed
    Up to 60m/min
  • Barcode printing
    Not available
  • Date Format
    The date format can be set flexibly
  • Interface
    Cable box interface: alarm kit, photocell, encoder, RS232, ethernet (Reserved)

    DC interface: power cable Terminal block interface (Power supply)

  • Ink Management
    Recognize the ink type and choose the most suitable parameters automatically
  • Set up
    Only original HP cartridges are supported

    Automatic measurement system for ink consumption

  • Environment


    Equipped with standard side printing/down printing  bracket

    Optional Spring-back mechanism

  • Input Power
    AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Output Power
    24.0V 1.5A, 36W
  • Product Certification
    CE, FCC