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5 Series ink (Solvent base-on Cartridges)

Used the newest 45Si cartridges, the shelf life is longer, suitable for printing various kinds of bar codes, printing distance is longer, the range of application is wider

Capacity: 42ml

(This type of ink are small cartridges, all the third letter "S" in the type means 42ml ink; The fourth letter in the type means the ink color, such as: 12SG is 42ml green ink)


1. Original Cartridges:  Use original cartridges, high definition printing, No plug Nozzles, No smear.

2. Printing stabilize : Excellent Adhesion, Instant Dry after print out, High Definition Effect, High efficiency and energy saving.

3. Multiple color options:  Black, blue and red.

4. Wide range of application:  Are widely used in Pharmaceuticals and Food industries; Also used on various kinds of Semi-water-absorbing material, just as mouth-muffle,cotton, jute bag, etc.