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SOJET Sincerely Invites You to Meet at China Marking 2020

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With the coming of the Industry 4.0 and the development of 2025 Made in China, enterprises have more and more requirements for system integration and coding. More users print 2D codes on products to achieve MIS system tracking.
SOJET launched a new E4S high-resolution inkjet printer at this exhibition base on users needs, bringing a new value experience to users! SOJET sincerely invites you to participate!
I.Structure Optimization
1. Use a full-color 7-inch capacitive touch screen and use a wide paste process to make the device operate more smoothly, with a more beautiful appearance and higher grade.
2. Use the classic DVI interface which makes the data transmission volume more larger and stable.
3. The size of the printhead is exquisitely designed, it’s more stable and easier to be embedded in various automations to achieve a perfect fit.
PS: All device adopts industrial baking paint technology, unique dust cover design etc., and the appearance structure has been greatly optimized and improved.
II. Software Optimization
1. Simple and smooth UI icon interface is designed completely in accordance with the logic of human operation habits, easy to learn and use, which greatly saves operator training costs.
2. Variable data printing, supporting variable code identification requirements, such as orderly, database, and dynamic data. It makes system integration more convenient.
3. Any combination of printhead is completely suitable for various product packaging applications and bring more market expansion.
Four heads combination mode
Four heads separation mode
1+3 combination mode
2+2 combination mode
The 3rd Annual Conference of China Marking 2020
Date: 2020.11.11-13
Address: A Hall B05, Tai Shan International Convention and Exhibition Center