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Notice! The 2020 China Inkjet Marking Industry annual meeting and China Digital Intelligence Packaging Expo begins!

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In 2020, the third China inkjet marking industry annual meeting and China digital intelligence packaging expo has started. Here is the direction to guide the era of inkjet printing industry, new trending products, analysis of the future development of the industry, focusing on the most advanced information of the industry. SOJET in Taishan International Convention and Exhibition center-b05 to discuss with you the development of inkjet printing industry, share business opportunities, mutual benefit and win-win!

E4S inkjet printer is a more cost-effective multi-head inkjet printer produced by SOJET R & D team after continuous research, design and testing. It is easy to operate and has four print heads. It is more suitable for the inkjet needs of modern manufacturing. SOJET has been working hard to meet the needs of customers and create more value.

E4S is more intelligent and cost-effective. Independent print head, four print head can work independently at the same time, and has a variety of combination, independent controller. Simple UI interface, easy to learn and use. It can be applied to food, beverage, building materials, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, clothing industry and other fields. It is a new intelligent inkjet printer.