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Sojet show up in Sino-Pack 2021 with a new appearance!

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In IOT times, Sojet definites tomorrow with innovation, annotates the era with internet. We show up in a new look, with the new brand Moli, we plan the future together with our worldwide partners!
New brand MOLI, combines all coding technologies, as well as different pricing levels, aim to expand to much wider and deeper markets.
Coding: TIJ/CIJ/PIJ/DOD/TTO/Laser printers, RFID;
Reading: Visual inspection system, barcode scanners.
With this classic brand, we showed E4S, E1S, V2, V1H and our IP65 printers on the exhibition, attracted a lot of visitors with higher cooperation intentions.

A interview from IMU was conducted to sales director Tim. With the high class RND team, mutual distributor network, as well as the professional after-sale service team we believe Sojet will be able to provide a more deeper cooperation with all our distributors in system integration and OEM applications. With the MOLI system, we will create a whole chain and provide more professional services to all our customers over the world.