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Sino-Pack China 2021 has come to a perfect end!

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Sojet was invited to participate in this exhibition, demonstrating the integrated solution of Inkjet printer tailored for the automation and intelligent industry, which not only consolidated the existing partnership, but also explored more potential customers and laid the foundation for expanding the market.The scale of this exhibition is very large, with a total of four exhibition halls held together. The overall scale has exceeded 13 exhibition halls, which not only proves the development of Adsale, but also shows the vigorous development momentum of the automation intelligent equipment industry.

Thank IMU for this interview and we are honored to be a member of IMU,which creates a user-reliable "One Thing One Code" solution for the IoT sign industry ecosystem, showing the new achievements, new technologies and new equipment in the marking industry, allowing more people to understand the cutting-edge intelligent and informationalized technology of "One Thing One Code", and promoting more new cooperation achievements.

The development of inkjet coding industry is gradually expanding and the market competition is extremely fierce for there are many emerging brands are rising quietly. In the intensely competitive market to occupy the advantage, how to use information to improve the management and marketing skills, is every manufacturer must go to the problem of deep thinking.

Sojet insight into the current intelligent era of the market status quo and uses this platform to show you the leading intelligent Inkjet coding integrated solution. Our exhibitors explained the high-performance integrated coding solution to the visitors in combination with practical practice, bringing wisdom and inspiration to the visitors.For intelligent era, high performance and intelligent stability is the carrier of brand image, The E4S exhibited by Sojet at this exhibition uses DVI industrial stable classic interface, large data transmission volume, and industrial baking varnish.Process, unique dust-proof cover design, exquisite nozzle size design, easy to be embedded in various automation equipment, can solve the problem of automatic intelligent packaging equipment .

The exhibition lasted for three days (from March 4th to 6th), the booth of Sojet attracted countless visitors to have a look. The features and advantages of the exhibits were fully displayed under the professional demonstration of the exhibitors. After the visitors knew more about the advantages of the products, they have a strong intention of cooperating with us. In the automation of intelligent equipment industry surging today, grasp the demand is to grasp order tomorrow. With a more professional attitude, Sojet will provide professional and efficient intelligent Inkjet coding printer integrated solution for the Inkjet coding industry, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the industry.