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Celebrate Christmas and New Year's Day

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The countdown to Christmas started, and lovely colleagues decorated the Christmas tree with gifts. In the winter, the office has instantly warmed by joy, and the festive atmosphere is all around.
Most excited event, the sojet team's Christmas repertoire. Our Mr. Zeng cosplayed Santa Claus and delivered the prepared gifts to every colleagues. This moment is really touching, and the sense of Christmas ritual is pinched. I think this is the unique carnival and joy of "sojet people"!
Whishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
According to the relevant national holiday regulations and the company's situation, our company's New Year's Day holiday arrangements in 2022 are as follows: January 1 (Saturday) - January 2 (Sunday), 2022, a total of 2 days. Normal business hours on January 3 (Monday).