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Due to the epidemic situation, under the "inward volume", do you choose to "lie down"?

———— 发布时间:2021-11-04   编辑:  阅读次数:119 ————

As the epidemic continues to spread, many companies have fallen into business dilemmas before they have time to prepare. Some companies even have to face a crisis of survival. The introversion of companies has become more and more serious. Do you choose to lie down? Living is a victory!

Affected by the epidemic, traffic control was implemented in some areas, and logistics was restricted. Warmly remind you that reasonable arrangement of stocking is the key. Stocking is to stably maintain market supply during the epidemic and further seize market opportunities. You can stock up according to your own company's actual situation. Previously, the epidemic was raging in the Xiamen area. Our company has issued a stocking notice in advance. Thank you for your active cooperation and support!

Our company will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention, and ensure the stability of production and operation. At the same time, I also hope that during this special period of epidemic prevention and control, everyone will do a good job in their own protection, and let us work together to fight the epidemic and tide over the difficulties together!