• Smart Ink series

5 sery ink

Features:Adopt the latest 45Si cartridges, Longer Shelf Time, Suitable for 1D and 2D barcodes, Longer Throw Distance, Wider Application Range.
Applicable Material:Applicable for pharmaceutical, food, electronics, rubber, building and hardware industries; Suitable for non-porous substrates such as aluminum foils, PVC, PE, metal, circuit board etc.

1 sery ink

Features:good availability on most uncoated printing substrates,nice fadeproof and waterproof ability, high readability for barcode
Applicable Material:porous materials like wood, carton,etc..

2 sery ink

Features:good availability on some uncoated printing substrates,short dry time and durability,higher black density than 1 sery.
Applicable Material:Semi-porous materials like coated paper , paperboard,etc..

Eggs ink

Features:food grade, FDA certification.
Applicable Material:Eggs