Variety Operation Modes

  Auto, semi-auto and manual mode, very easy to operate;


  Advanced LED module CHIP integration technology, 

  good consistency of illuminance , 

  and greatly improves products reliability;

  Illumination Area  

  Elan-2020: Effective illumination area is 20*20mm,

  Elan-2040: Effective illumination area is 20*40mm,


  Intensive Ink Curing 

  By long wave and peak value curing, 

  makes ink fastly and fully cured, 

  avoid the wet ink remain in the bottom of printing;


  Wide Ink Application

  Can apply to all UV inks for PIJ, TIJ and CIJ tech;

  High Curing Quality 

   The stability of UV LED makes the output energy 

   predictable and stable, avoids the problems caused by

   unstability of conventional halogen lamp;

  Super Cooling System  

  Adopts inner circulating heat release system,  

  considerably lowers the LED joint temperature, 

  and largely increases products lifetime;

  Fast Response  

  No need preheat, jump start, 

  instant lighting when machine starts;


  Worldwide famous LED brands;

  Smart Indentification

  Automatically indentifies Elfin serie high resolution printer, 

  and can operate directly on Elfin printers;

  Wide Application  

  Unconventional heating way, 

  no influence on the heat deformable substrates;   


  Super Long Lifetime

   LED illumination lifetime >20000h;