Elfin VI Separated Printheads 

Elfin VI Stitched Printheads 

  Maximum Printable Height 3"

  Six printheads stitched can allow 3’’(76.2mm) height.

  7 inch LCD Touch Screen

  7’’ LCD touch screen

  Independent Printhead

 The 6 Printhead(s) can work separately at the same time

  Aviation Connector

  With Aviation connector to achieve high

  reliability and easy installation
   Flexible team or group setting

  Team or group numbers and time can be set up flexibly, 
can support up to 48 teams

   Database Support 

   Support variable data from external source like 
   MS Excel,Ms Access,SQL 2000, etc 
   via PC software

  Ary Settings

 Counter and date can be flexible used via Ary, 
and can edit the required Ary

  OEM/ODM Supports

  Offer professional OEM and ODM customized services
  And offer completely SDK software support to meet
  difference customer’s needs