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HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) solvent ink cartridge
2017/8/2 9:16:09

  HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) has become the go-to CODING technology in packaging and mailing operations.  Customers love TIJ’s value proposition as compared to legacy print technologies like Continuous Inkjet and Thermal Transfer.

  How many messages can I print with a TIJ solvent ink cartridge?

The number of printed messages per cartridge for a TIJ solvent-based inks is a function of multiple variables…..number of characters, size of characters, font type, and desired print resolution.  Some of the top TIJ coders include software that calculates how many messages of a certain type can be printed per cartridge.

  Do TIJ solvent inks come in different colors?

TIJ solvent-based inks are commercially available today in black, red, white, blue, green and yellow.  Other colors are possible, but not commonly requested by the industry.

  How do you maintain TIJ solvent-based inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks require a small amount of maintenance compared to CIJ.  Simply wipe the cartridge with a lint-free cloth to unclog any nozzles on the printhead to keep the print quality hi-resolution.

  What are the advantages of TIJ solvent inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks provide aggressive dry times and permanence onto difficult substrates, when compared to water-based pigment inks in the 45a cartridge.  The ‘throw distance’ is greater with solvent-based inks which means you don’t have to make contact between the print head and the package when printing.  45si solvent inksprint best between 1mm and 5mm distance between the printhead and substrate.

  What packaging surfaces are ideal for TIJ solvent-based inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks are designed for printing on metals, foils, plastic film, hard plastic, glossy boxes, and other non-porous surfaces.  When in doubt, send us your material and we will make a print sample to test the ink-substrate compatibility.