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Sojet Released Two Water-based Invisible Security Ink
2016/4/21 14:48:29

Sojet Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd released two water-based invisible security cartridges, one is 41SR in red color, another is 41SB in blue color.

41SR red invisible ink has long decap time, short dry time, and shelf time is 6 months.

41SB blue invisible ink also has long decap time, fast dry and shelf time is 1 year.

These two inks are suitable on all kinds of porous materials, is great for security and anti-fake applications, for example tickets, label, contract, certificates and all kinds of tobacco, alcohol, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics packages.

The invisible security ink can only be activated under a long wave ultraviolet light to give a red/blue emission color.

At the same time, Sojet also released the relevant on-line monitoring devices, user can inspect the printing result while printing going on.

Both 41SR and 41SB have pass through the ROHS certificate, certificates numbers refer to SZ1604332(41SR) and SZ1604331(41SB).