"Gathering Efforts, Create Brilliant" 2020 team building activity ending successful !

The blue sky covered with a golden sun, in this late autumn, looks spotless, translucent and transparent.

On Oct 31st.,2020A team building activity that organized by Sojet Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.  held on the hotalMARRIOTT XIA MEN, which is on the theme of "Gathering Efforts, Create Brilliant" .The training aims to enable employees to enhance their awareness of self-value and their own potential, improve their own ability, enhance internal collaboration ability and team cohesion of sojet family.

We all know that there is no successful individual, only a successful team and a super cohesive team, that can go to success and also win the wonderful future finally !     


To be No. one on exploring the market.


Mr. Wang explained marketing strategy and management innovation to us:

He analysis the strategy of Sojet  marketing and managing from three levels which are marketing,management,products,It also emphasizes the use of marketing strategies and the importance of talent training and team building.Though the interactive training sessions,the employees have a deep understanding of the core marketing of Sojet,and know the trend in the future clearly,and then will have more expectation and confidence in the following development of Sojet.