TIJ Be Applied on QR Code Assigning of Pesticide

  With the successful implementation of the code be regulated for such significant products as general medicine, veterinary medicine and infant milk powder, pesticide has gradually attracted people's attention as a vital agricultural product.People are more concerned about the nutrition and safety of food with the continuous growth of people's economic income and the gradual improvement of living standards,in particular, for highly toxic pesticides and pesticide residues are frequently reported. People's awareness of the quality and safety of agricultural products is increasing, and the design, synthesis, processing, application and management of pesticide molecules will also be required to be safe and more transparent.Since the general office of the state council issued the opinions on accelerating the construction of the important product traceability system, the traceability system of pesticide product that the public appeals has also been gradually put on the agenda.

The QR code of pesticide product tracking and tracing is composed of seven information elements, which are enterprise code, commodity code, package indicator, component code, dosage code, toxicity code and commodity random sequence number. A QR code containing information of each layer is identified on a product, and a QR code goes through a complete supply ,from the source of production to marketing and to the end users, chain with the product, ensuring that each node can accurately grasp the correct information of the product.

Pesticide manufacturers,from now on, mainly adopt packaging methods, including bags, bottles, boxes,and barrels, those mostly made of PVC film, plastic, glass, cardboard and so on. TIJ technology adopted by Sojet high resolution inkjet printer is a new identification solution, which can provide a variety of solutions and environmental protection ink, meeting the requirements of different packaging materials. It can carry out all kinds of information identifications including variable QR code under high-speed working condition. In the specific operation of QR code assigning,data scanning and uploading database, the high resolution effect of 600DPI can be achieved to ensure the high code reading rate after QR code assigning.

      Sojet high resolution inkjet printer contributes to Product traceability coding as well as high demand, read rate can be applied to manufacturing enterprises or printers,more flexible, its characteristic is assigned a code can be safe and reliable to unique and has high resolution QR code identification information such as spray directly on the product packaging, quick speed, high resolution, suitable for mass production, small packaging line. Sojet printhead can be integrated with any packaging production line without taking too much space for the intensive production line, and not only can connect up to six printing heads at the same time, also can be combined or separately installed to achieve the centralized control of one machine and reduce equipment input.

        As the basis for effective traceability, QR code assigning, which is including the assignment on all levels of product packaging and information exchange with the QR code tracing platform on pesticide , has been successfully applied in many industries. Welcome  to inquire about business 0592-5771357.